CSC targets dropped in bid to improve quality

Article posted on Saturday, 23-Dec-2006 20:30 PM

We have become accustomed to reading forum posts about CS agents failing to read tickets thoroughly resulting in poor or insufficient advice being given, the result being what is referred to as ticket-ping-pong.

PUG has learnt that in an endeavour to overcome this problem PlusNet have significantly reduced the target for the front line support staff, from between 100 and 120 a day to something like 60 a day, specifically to allow more time aiming to answer tickets “right-first-time”.

Carol Axe said “First indications are this is working, time will tell, we will always have some tickets returned, its the nature of some enquiries. In all cases we are pushing analysts to call the customer as the ticket beings to look like its a ping pong.”

An internal circular notes that “The focus on quality tickets has continued this week” referring to the introduction of reduced targets for ticket actioners (60 per day). “Other workflow targets are unchanged, but we have received feedback from BT that repeat fault levels are very low, indicating that we are handling faults through to conclusion more efficiently than in the past.”

PUG welcomes this approach to “quality not quantity” as we believe in the past customer frustration caused by delays in replying to tickets has been compounded by having to resort to returning tickets. We look forward to the new year when the first statistics on the effectiveness of the initiative become available.
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