Are speeds being affected by Capacity, Traffic Management or are there No Problems?

Article posted on Tuesday, 05-Dec-2006 18:40 PM

Over the past few weeks, more and more users have been reporting issues with slow web browsing, downloading, video / audio streaming and gaming (as we mentioned in our news article here)

The PlusNet UserGroup have been working with the Networks Department at PlusNet to try and see what problems there are, where they are and if there are any common links.

To assist with this we have started a thread on our forums where we are asking users of PlusNet, MetroNet, Free-Online and Force9 to run a series of tests and post their results. By doing this we are hoping that the networks team may be able to see a pattern and work out what the problem is.

To post results you will need to register on the forums but we are keen to get as many results logged as we possibly can - whether good or bad! Information on the tests can be found here.

Discussions that have be taking place so far have revolved around the issue of Network Capacity, Ellacoya Traffic Management and "Any other possibilities." We are currently holding in-depth discussions with PlusNet about the issue of network capacity and will provide feedback as soon as we can.
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