PUG Launches Issue Tracker - Phase 1

Article posted on Friday, 01-Dec-2006 20:15 PM

For a long time the PlusNet UserGroup have been wanting to provide an easy way to keep up to date on issues that we are raising with PlusNet and discussing with them, along with ways for PlusNet ISP customers (including MetroNet, F9 and Free-Online) to vote for their top issues.

After months of development, updating, chasing, discussions and hours of phone calls Phase One of the PlusNet UserGroup Issue Tracker (PUGIT for short) has now been launched.

PUGIT can be accessed by visiting http://usergroup.plus.net/pugit - we have also added links to the top menu bar and the main menu along with a new, dedicated, PUGIT section at the bottom half of the PUG homepage.

Work is ever ongoing with the Issue Tracker and new features and reporting capabilities are due to be added in the near future.
Article last edited on Monday, 20-Aug-2007 20:16 PM