Max regrade fee removed

Article posted on Tuesday, 07-Nov-2006 17:49 PM

Good news for customers waiting for their free upgrade to DSLMax. PlusNet have informed PUG that all of the  Metronet max opt-ins have been completed and in the next week or so will the PlusNet/F9/FOL opt-ins.

Back in August PlusNet restarted the programme of free upgrades to DSLMax regrading customers taken from the Max Opt-In pool at the various etc sites. At the time around 12,000 had asked to be regraded by the time the programme restarted. However, the demand was so great from forum posters wanting to be moved to the front of the list, that the Comm’s team were spending a great deal of their time providing overnight upgrades to those that requested it. So in order to free the Comm’s team time a £5 fee was introduced which allowed customers to 'jump the queue' and receive their speed upgrades within three working days. As of the 26th October all the vISP’s help wizards have been have been updated to remove content relating to the £5 'upgrade now' fee.

The message is that customers wishing to request an upgrade to 8Mb via can now do so and the order should be processed on the following Friday. There will be no charge for this upgrade and the customer should normally see 'up to 8Mb' speeds within 10 working days of requesting the upgrade.

PlusNet told PUG that “We are able to do this because we have caught up with our processing backlog now, so on Fridays we can process all customers who have let us know of their wish to upgrade. The concept of 'opt-in' is therefore a bit redundant and has been removed from the Help Assistant.”
All tickets for upgrade to 8Mb should now drop into the opt-in pool.
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