Plusnet Update Annual Contracts on Business Accounts

Article posted by csogilvie on Thursday, 12-Oct-2006 13:59 PM

After being prompted by a thread on the PlusNet Portal Forums (you can use guest/guest to log in if necessary) and another discussion on the UserGroup public forums, the PlusNet UserGroup has been working with PlusNet on the issue of annual contracts for Business customers.

The usergroup are pleased to announce that as a direct result of our consultations with PlusNet, they have agreed to review the existing arrangements and bring business annual contracts in line with policy on residential accounts.

From now, PlusNet have said that all customers who opted for an annual contract will, when their initial period is up, be on a rolling one month contract. The portal, however, has not currently been updated but should be shortly.

PlusNet have provided the following example:

  • Customer registers for service on the 5th September 2006
  • Customers service is activated on the 12th September 2006
  • Annual Contract starts on the 12th September 2006 and expires on the 11th September 2007
  • From the 11th September 2007 the contract automatically reverts to a rolling monthly term with 30 days notice period
  • Normal 30 day notice rules apply thereafter

Should the customer wish to cancel at the end of the initial term they will need to give notice 30 days prior to the annual contract end date. In the example above the customer would need to give notice on or before the 11th August 2007. Should the customer wish to cancel before the initial 12 month term has expired, they will be held liable for the remaining months of the contract. In the above example, a customer wishing to cancel in January 2007 will be charged for January 2007 up to the 11th September 2007.

We hope that Business customers will agree that this is the best outcome from the discussions that have been had.

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