Article posted by csogilvie on Wednesday, 30-Aug-2006 10:50 AM

Before the Bank Holiday Weekend, PlusNet announced through Service Status that "A large number of our employees, from Director level downwards, who do not usually work in the Customer Support Centre, are working over the Bank Holiday ... to help out with the ticket responses so that we can reduce the backlog and start getting back to response times that our customer quite rightly expect." (more)

Today, PlusNet have released some figures to the UserGroup detailing the breakdown of the number of tickets that individual departments within PlusNet have managed to close, as well as the number of people working.

With a total of 4785 tickets closed, it should come as no surprise that the majority of these originated from within the Customer Support Centre. Of the remaining 500 tickets, management closed 222 tickets, while Development closed a further 165. The remaing tickets were all dealt with by the other departments, including Human Resources and Finance. There were a total of 193 people working over the course of the weekend on answering the tickets.

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