Customers speak - Comms to stay!

Article posted on Tuesday, 29-Aug-2006 15:21 PM

On Friday we broke the news that PlusNet are to be restructuring the company this week. Part of this work included the renaming and growth of the comms team, which would now be known as the "Voice of the Customer."

Although the name was a fair reflection of the internal role of the team, it was felt the name did not represent the public role and this led to much discussion on our forums. Ian Wild (Communications Manager, PlusNet PLC) picked up on the discussions and, after listening to the comments made, has announced that the new name will not be used and that the team will remain the "Communications Team" we have all come to know and love.

We are also pleased to announce that the comms team will be joined by PUGs very own Liam Martin, who will be leaving the UserGroup to take on a role at PlusNet.
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