PlusNet Gremlins Strike Again - Check your Referrals and Open Tickets.

Article posted on Friday, 25-Aug-2006 10:17 AM

The fun and games continues at PlusNet Towers with the latest in a spate of mishaps - this time affecting 400 open tickets, and the payment of customer referrals.

STOP PRESS: In a display of good common sense, we have just learnt that PlusNet are dropping the "Ask A Question" name and will be reverting back to the infinitely more logical "Raise A Ticket" as soon as possible!


Last month, members of the PlusNet UserGroup discovered that some referral values were not being credited to user accounts correctly. This was brought to PlusNets attention immediately and internal problems were raised, and resolved quickly. Whilst the payment of referrals is now correct (for this billing month) , it appears that the missing values from the last billing month have still not been credited correctly.

PlusNet are aware of this issue and have stated that the payments will be made. The PlusNet UserGroup would advise all customers with referrals to check their monthly bills for the past month or two and confirm that the correct discounts, or payments, have been made. If anyone notices missing referral values we would advise people to raise a ticket to ensure that PlusNet are made aware.

Please Note: There is also an ongoing fault where referral values are not being shown correctly on the Portal Member Centre home page. PlusNet are aware of this and are working on a fix. In the meantime an accurate referral discount value can be found in the "Current Referrals" section of the portal.


On the subject of tickets - Some users were concerned the other night when they noticed that open tickets had been automatically closed by PlusNet with no notification, and no action having been taken.

We spoke to PlusNet as soon as we heard about this and have since found out that a database administrator had run a query to close off 3000 DACS related tickets that required no response and had all been dealt with. During this process approximately 400 other tickets were closed by the query.

PlusNet have said they will look into the issues that were affected by this routine but have requested that customers re-raise their tickets in the meantime.

The PlusNet UserGroup are dismayed at this latest "scripting error", especially in light of recent cases such as the script error which led to the  accidental distribution of customer details the other month, and will be following any updates from PlusNet closely.

We are also aware of an issue where questions are being automatically closed after a 14 day period, even when awaiting a response from PlusNet. This has been raised with PlusNet and is currently being worked on. In the meantime we would advise customers with long-standing queries to post a "bump" message every 10 days or so (where possible) to ensure the query is not closed before the issue has been resolved. If you have had tickets closed due to this bug, it would be appreciated if you could let us know on our forums as this will allow us to pass specific instances on to PlusNet and help with resolving the issue.
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