PUG Exclusive: Major Changes to be made at PlusNet

Article posted on Friday, 25-Aug-2006 16:07 PM

Nobody who has been aware of PlusNet in the past few years can deny that the company has struggled in many areas over the past 18 months or so.

Whilst technical changes (such as DSLMax) haven't helped, the growth of the company (and, the cynics would say, the stock market floatation) has played a major part in the recent struggles that have seen customer, and community, confidence in the company shaken - along with the share price.

Issues within the Support Centre are in the process of being addressed and, whilst progress is going to take time, will hopefully lead to support provision returning to acceptable levels.

However, the support centre isn't the only area of the company that has been a victim of the success of PlusNet and in a welcome, but somewhat surprising, development we have learnt that a major top-down re-structuring of the company is to take place with effect from Monday next week.

Full details of the restructuring are due to be released after the bank holiday - and we will be running several articles, once the announcements have been formally made, providing details and information on all the changes.

One thing we have been able to find out is that as part of the shake up we will be waving farewell to the familiar Comms Team - and welcoming a new, bigger, team called the "Voice of the Customer" (VotC for short.) This team sees the welcome return of Luke Horwath, following his recent time as a Team Leader in the CSC, and will also include Ian Wild and James Bailey along with Mand, Dave, Bob and one other new recruit - Watch this space for an announcement about the newest member of the team in the coming week or two.
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