Telehouse Power Outage Knocks out PlusNet Services

Article posted on Thursday, 17-Aug-2006 13:05 PM

Earlier this morning (approx 8am) a major power outage at the Telehouse co-location facilities caused major disruption to a wide range of PlusNet services (at the time of publication, these issues were still ongoing) We also believe that other Telehouse customers (including Clara.Net) have experienced issues, although Telehouse are not currently providing too many details.

We understand that the monitoring systems within Telehouse did not register the power failures leading to a delay in work commencing on rectifying the faults.

The outage affected ADSL customer connections, telephone support services, webmail facilities, cgi webspace and usenet - it is also believed that some dial-up users have also been affected.

The problems have been compounded by the related loss of 2 BT Central pipes and radius issues which affected authentication and access. The radius issues are believed to have been fixed but, due to the loss of the BT Centrals, there currently are not enough connection sessions available on the remaining
centrals to meet the demand of the PlusNet userbase.

LLU customers were affected during the initial outage but work carried out enabled them to re-connect at about 10am.

Simon Day (Network Improvement Consultant, PlusNet Plc) has been posting regular updates to the PlusNet UserGroup Forums, and service status messages have been issued regularly.

The PlusNet UserGroup are in constant communication with PlusNet regarding this issue and we will post any updates as and when we receive them. To join in the ongoing discussions regarding this matter, please visit our forums.
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