PUG Exclusive: PlusNet detail 3m plans to improve infrastructure and services

Article posted on Tuesday, 15-Aug-2006 16:33 PM

In an announcement made today on the PlusNet UserGroup Forums, Simon Day (Network Improvement Consultant, PlusNet PLC) has posted a detailed breakdown of a £3 million expenditure plan for the forthcoming year. [note: registration is not required to read the post]

The breakdown covers many areas of the networks and systems within PlusNet, including:
  • Email Platform
  • Core Databases
  • Core Networks
  • Portal Servers
  • View My Broadband Usage
  • Parbin Services (Port996, Just The Name etc)
  • and more...
The upgrades are due to continue into 2007, with a further £3m planned for upgrades and improvements across the platforms.

The plans, on the whole, show a good clear plan for development within PlusNet and the UserGroup are hopeful that these will see stability, resiliency and reliability returning to the network - along with the trust of the users and the wider internet community.

Within the plans there are areas the UserGroup are discussing with PlusNet (such as email backup systems) and we suspect Simons post may lead to some interesting discussions. To take part in the discussions, please register an account and join us on our forums.
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