The Max is Back!

Article posted by Liam on Tuesday, 15-Aug-2006 16:36 PM

Three months ago, PlusNet suspended their Max regrade programme due to a number of issues being experienced with line stability.  Around 10% of the customers that PlusNet upgraded to the new “upto 8mb” services reported connectivity issues and loss of sync due to the regrade.

It all comes down to what BT call “Dynamic Line Management” - or ‘DLM’.  Due to the nature of Max pushing lines to their limits, the DLM is designed to stabilise the line by negotiating a “Maximum Stable Rate” (MSR) at the time of sync.  Unfortunately, in many cases, BT’s systems have been overzealous in anticipating the ‘MSR’ of borderline connections and this, coupled with customer confusion, caused a massive demand for support services - disrupting PlusNet’s routine support provision.

However, PlusNet have now announced that they plan to restart the Max Regrade programme, in part, as of August 21st.

For the time being, orders submitted will be limited to 1000 per week and will be taken from the Max Opt-In pool at  PlusNet have informed PUG that they will be reviewing the experience of these regrades very carefully.

BT released a video last month explaining the technical implications of a max-regrade, which is accessible here and explains the process in more detail and how you can help keep your connection stable.

To see the announcement in full - visit the PUG forums here.
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