PlusNet put LLU migrations on hold

Article posted by Liam on Saturday, 12-Aug-2006 22:53 PM

PlusNet have announced that with immediate effect they will be placing no further orders with Tiscali to move customers onto the LLU platform.

Neil Armstrong, Products Director, yesterday announced plans to put any further migrations on hold so that PlusNet can "take stock of the situation".  A number of customers, including members of PUG, have experienced issues migrating onto the Tiscali Wholesale provided platform.  It is worth noting at this stage that the Tiscali Wholesale LLU programme is unrelated to Tiscali Retail broadband products and the wholesale division is a separately managed entity.

4000 customers have already had orders placed that are all due to complete by week commencing 29th August and it is claimed that the migrations for these customers should run a lot more smoothly due to "a number of measures that we [PlusNet] believe will significantly improve the transfer experience".  We are informed that PlusNet will be keeping a very close eye on the experience of these customers and will only restart the migration procedure once they are entirely satisfied that a reliable service can be achieved from the start.

In a welcomed move, and following discussions with the PlusNet Usergroup, PlusNet have now put in place an automatic refund procedure for customers with a connectivity fault open for more than 7 days of downtime.  This refund will be pro-rata to the downtime experienced.  This is in addition to the free-of-charge 0808 dialup access offered as we announced on Thursday.  Refunds will be applied automatically on closing the fault.  Further details on this are due to be announced shortly, with an FAQ explaining the LLU Migration suspension in more detail.
Article last edited on Monday, 20-Aug-2007 20:18 PM