PlusNet pull staff from ADSLGuide

Article posted by Liam on Thursday, 20-Jul-2006 16:02 PM

Marketing Director, Marco Potesta, yesterday made a jaw-dropping public statement to ADSLGuide forum users informing them that PlusNet would, with immediate effect, be pulling all support resources and comms from ADSLGuide in favour of targetting support directly to their own customers on the portal forums and on the PUG forums.

ADSLGuide regulars will be aware that for many months PlusNet staff have been the targets of personal attacks and vendettas - making it very hard for them to direct support to those who need it - in what Marco refers to as "a personal conflict zone pandering to self righteous egotism". Some may agree that this statement is justified, others will not.

In quite a heartfelt and informal statement, Marco went on to mention PlusNet are "not going through a great time right now" but they are "in a period of reconstruction, recreating the service that [PlusNet] became known for in the last few years."

His post continued : "ADSLGuide was the first place I used to look when trying to see what customers felt about us. Now? I look at the feedback we get in other ways. I also look at all our numbers (customer growth, churn etc) and see what's going on with them. I use the service and get as frustrated as customers do. That motivates me to make stuff better. It motivates me to speak to customers directly and hear how bad we've been directly from them. That's the only way we can improve. Not pandering to the over inflated egos of ex-customers and people who have never been customers who clearly have agendas that only they can truly be interested in."

"Excuse the diatribe and potentially lax syntax and grammar. Therapeutic though it was for me, I'm sure it made for <delete as appropriate> painful - amusing - boring reading for the majority of people who could be bothered. The outcome is that I'm asking all people who work at PlusNet and who post in here to stop from doing so."

The Usergroup - whilst disappointed that this action was necessary - agrees that the situation on ADSLGuide was out of hand and making it very hard for PlusNet staff to actually do their jobs effectively. It certainly is a shame that contact with customers through this medium will be lost, but for the benefit of individuals who have genuine support issues, questions and problems, PlusNet must focus their efforts on areas where they can be more productive. Marco explained in his post that requests to the moderators to act were ignored.

PUG would like to stress that the post was not designed to be an attack on customers. We spoke to Marco this morning and he made it clear that this was in no way his intention. This is a reaction to a situation that has degenerated into making it impossible for PlusNet staff to identify individual and genuine support questions and constructive debate. Marco also informed us that staff will still remain active in the Metronet forum (on ADSLGuide) for the time being as well as keeping an eye out for genuine customer affecting issues in the Plusnet board.

A formal complaint has been made to ADSLGuide.

To view the post made in full, click here, or visit the PUG Forums here.
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