12/07/06 - Detailed Update on Email Issues

Article posted on Wednesday, 12-Jul-2006 19:39 PM

This evening, Simon Day (PlusNet Network Improvement Consultant) has posted a detailed description of the events leading up to the major distruption to email services for PlusNet Family customers.

Simons post is available in our forums and will no doubt provoke many responses.

Over the coming days the PlusNet UserGroup will be formalising a timetable for the campaign, and building a list of questions to be presented to PlusNet, this will be added to the campaign document that we have published. To have your say please visit our dedicated forum.

Please Note: To access the campaign forum and Simons update, you will need to register from a PlusNet/MetroNet/F9/Free-online connection. To register for an account please click here.
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