PlusNet UserGroup launch Email Stability and Resiliency Campaign.

Article posted on Monday, 10-Jul-2006 14:11 PM

With the current issues affecting the PlusNet / MetroNet / F9 / Free-Online email platforms, the PlusNet UserGroup are launching a campaign to work with customers and PlusNet to find out specific answers to the current issues, and work towards a feasible solution that will reassure all customers and avoid the level of disruption seen this past week.

For the purposes of collating all information, and managing the discussions regarding the campaign, we would ask people to use the dedicated area on the PUG Forums (please note: this area requires registration before you can view/access it)

We have produced a campaign document which can be downloaded from here (Adobe PDF File, 255Kb) - this details the scope and aims of the campaign and will be updated regularly to reflect concerns and questions that are raised in the forums, along with the answers we receive and any action that is taken.
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