PlusNet Email Service Issues - Update

Article posted on Sunday, 09-Jul-2006 16:56 PM

The PlusNet email problems as reported in our previous news article are still ongoing at the moment and are affecting all of the PlusNet family ISPs (PlusNet, F9, Free-Online and MetroNet).

Ian Wild posted an update on Friday evening, and there have been more service status updates regarding the issues (all of which can be viewed on the UserTools Service Status Archive pages). We would advise people to sign up for a free email account elsewhere and subscribe to the Service Status by Email service. Alternatively, people may prefer to use the Service Status RSS feeds.

PlusNet have now changed the status of the email services to Red and have promised regular updates on these issues.

The PlusNet UserGroup will be launching a campaign in the next couple of days, with the aims of working with customers and PlusNet to find answers to what has happened and solutions for the future. A dedicated forum has been set up for this purpose and can be accessed by logging in to the UserGroup Forums.

Please Note: Access to the PlusNet UserGroup Email forum requires registration.
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