PlusNet Email Platform Dead (again!)

Article posted on Wednesday, 05-Jul-2006 16:30 PM

On what is another disappointing day for Plusnet customers, the email service has fallen over yet again.

Despite numerous reassurances from key PlusNet staff about reliability and new hardware - customers are again suffering from inaccessible mail and few answers.

In a service status that was posted earlier today (a copy of which is available on the UserTools site here), customers were informed that "Our engineers are currently investigating an issue that is causing intermittent problems when trying to access email through either a traditional email client or the webmail facility on our portal. Affected customers will see a time out error in whichever application they are attempting to use, though waiting a minute or so and then repeating the attempt may prove to be successful."

Although the initial sevice status refers to intermittent issues, many users are reporting that they have been totally unable to access their email either via webmail or through a mail client on their computers for most of the day.

A follow up service status which was due at 2pm has just been posted (3:30pm) which states that "Our engineers are still working on a resolution for this issue, which is thought to be down to an internal network problem. This is causing delays in information directed at the server, resulting in the time out errors that people are seeing. Additionally, due to the nature of the problem, some customers might see an error saying that the server is unreachable rather than a regular time out error."

We have reported in the past that we find the lack of stability on PlusNet core services to be a major concern for the group, and once again customers are victim to a situation where a company who supply internet services is lacking resilience and is unable to provide a reliable service.

The PlusNet UserGroup will be seeking further explanations from PlusNet but we would also encourage you to visit our forums to express your views and opinions. (Registration is required if you wish to post)
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