PlusNet Change Max Regrade Procedure

Article posted by Liam on Friday, 16-Jun-2006 11:41 AM

Yesterday afternoon PlusNet Head of Comms, James Bailey, announced plans to suspend the current routine of automatically upgrading all customers' connections to the new MAXDSL service.

Since MAXDSL was made publicly available on all but a handful of exchanges last March, PlusNet have upgraded over 35,000 customers to the new service.  But a number of users have reported teething problems as a result of MAXDSL intelligent sync speed negotiation which is often over-zealous causing intermittent disconnects or, in some cases, a complete loss of connection.  These issues are creating an extra load on PlusNet's already-busy Customer Support Centre and therefore the decision has been taken to stop upgrading customers automatically for at least the next 2 months.

From now on, regrades will still be available, but on an opt-in basis only to those who request it.  Customers can request to be upgraded if they haven't already via

PlusNet will be sending emails to all customers who have not yet been upgraded as part of the Bulk Regrade programme with an invitation to opt-in should they wish.  New signups will continue to be provisioned on a MAX service.

Whilst PUG appreciate that this approach may not be perfect, it still gives people the opportunity to receive a faster service should they request it.  We welcome the fact that Plusnet will be contacting customers advising them of this process.

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