Article posted on Wednesday, 07-Jun-2006 15:03 PM

The latest issue of the PlusNet Newsletter, Plus!, has just started to be sent out to customers and the PlusNet UserGroup have seized this chance to let people know about the UserGroup and get more people involved.

Following the successful launch of our forums a short while back, we are now moving forward as a group and opening up for more people to get involved.

If you are a beginner, a normal user or a techie who wants to help shape PlusNet and the wider industry - then you are the sort of person we would love to see getting involved.

Why not take a look at our recruitment page and then join us on the forums to see what we do, and how you can get involved?

In case you haven't received it yet, here's a copy of the Plus! Article:

The PUG needs YOU!

The PlusNet UserGroup (PUG) is an independent group of customers from PlusNet and its sister companies. The PUG works with us to make our products, services and support the best that anyone could ask for.

The volunteers that formed the PUG recently launched a new website and are now looking for lots more participation from the PlusNet customers they serve (which includes you!)

The work that the PUG does is valuable to customers and PlusNet alike: it helps us to develop new ideas and products, provides feedback on many aspects of our service and assists with testing of new developments.

You don't need to be a techie, an expert or a geek - you'll be welcomed whatever your experience and knowledge. If you’re interested in making a difference to your ISP and other people in the PlusNet community, the PUG is the answer. Why not visit the new PUG website and get involved now?


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