The BT Bulk Regrade Tool - A New Hope

Article posted on Wednesday, 07-Jun-2006 13:17 PM

The BT Bulk Regrade Tool - used for submitting DSLMax (up to 8mbps ADSL) regrades - has now been re-enabled for ISPs across the country.

As we reported last month, the tool was removed by BT after several problems were discovered.

When we asked PlusNet about the return of the tool, James Bailey (Communications Team Leader) said "PlusNet have already submitted their first batch of orders which should be completed during next week.  We will also be communicating with BT on a weekly basis via teleconferencing - the next meeting is today (Wednesday 07/06/06).  They will keep us updated with any changes that may present themselves and we will keep the userbase updated of these."

We have also been informed that the number of bulk regrades that can be submitted each week has not altered and remains at approx 5000 per week.

The UserGroup believe that there are currently around 240,000 DSLMax lines around Britain with about 11,000 of these being "office" lines. We also understand that ISPs raised concerns with BT over the lack of communications regarding the DSLMax rollout, which has led to the start of the conference calls that are now taking place and the creation of a website for ISPs where DSLMax issues and information will be given.
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