Plusnet launch PHP5 based CGI platform

Editors note:- This article is designed for the more technical Plusnet customer so don't worry if you don't understand the terminology! If you want to learn more have a read of

For years, the more technically-minded of Plusnet's customers found the CGI and MySQL platforms to be two of the key selling points of Plusnet's broadband offerings. Of course, the Plusnet we know now is very different, with broadband becoming more of a mainstream commodity and neither of these facilities has been available to new customers since the Plusnet Value, Pro and Unlimited product set was launched early in 2009.

Most pre-February 2009 Plusnet Broadband products included CGI and MySQL as a standard free option and many longer-term customers continue to use CGI to this day.

Over the past few years there have been calls from these customers for PHP to be upgraded to version 5 on the platform. For some time, Plusnet have been looking into options to enable the implementation of this, aiming for minimal impact on customers. Plans for this change have been progressing quickly over the past few months, following an identified vulnerability that resulted in the shutdown of shell and SSH access last year.

Late last week, the exploit of an insecure PHP script running in a customer's space on the CGI platform led Plusnet to make the platform temporarily unavailable from the outside world.

We're pleased to report that yesterday (15th March) the CGI platform became accessible once again. However, instead of bringing the old platform back up, Plusnet took the opportunity to launch the new, PHP 5 based platform.

This platform is running on newer hardware, and with more efficient and secure software, but works in the same way as the old platform. Customer data was migrated from the old platform onto the new over the weekend. There are teething problems but most customers' CGI websites are operating well under the newer platform. There are no changes to website addresses or passwords.

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If you have a CGI website and wish to let us have your feedback on the new platform, please get involved on our forum or on the Plusnet Community Site.

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