Changes to Plusnet Additional Usage Charges

Plusnet confirmed this week in notification emails to customers that additional usage on the current Value, Premium and Pro broadband products will be charged in 5GB blocks effective mid-April. The blocks will cost £5 for 5GB instead of the existing £2 charged for 2GB blocks. Legacy products are not affected by these changes.

The news came as a surprise to many members of the Plusnet Community having been announced in public not by Plusnet themselves but by a customer who received the mailing.

PUG were consulted regarding the new product options in late February but unfortunately there was insufficient development time to deliver changes we suggested. The Plusnet UserGroup would at least like to see the ability for extra usage to be carried forward into future billing months.

While Plusnet do claim that the revised block-pricing structure is easier to understand and remains good news for customers overall, the Plusnet UserGroup remain unconvinced. The price per GB remains the same but this change means that customers who slip just outside the usage allowance of their product are faced with a charge that could be almost double that of their regular monthly subscription. The change only really benefits those whose extra usage per month is just under 5GB increments.

Plusnet's 'Data Transfer Watch' feature does allow customers to set a price ceiling (which could be the same as the monthly subscription charge) to stop extra usage being added automatically. This is being amended, prior to launch date, to restrict the connection speed when the ceiling is reached rather than simply block access altogether.

Note: You will be charged up to the nearest, larger 5GB level from the value you set as your 'Data Transfer Watch'. e.g. If you pay £5.99 a month, but set the limit to £6.99, it will actually allow the system to add one extra £5 block, i.e. charge you £10.99! We therefore recommend always setting the limit to be either exactly your monthly charge, or a multiple of £5 increments on top, to get a predictable outcome.

Update: We understand 'Data Transfer Watch' is being changed so that an additional block will not be added if that would take the price over the price limit set. In this case the speed limit will kick in immediately, part blocks will not be added. However until this behaviour is confirmed we suggest following the advice in the previous Note.

Plusnet are also planning further product changes from 12th April which will be reported here separately - so watch this space!

Article last edited on Sunday, 26-Oct-2014 19:04 PM