New Product Set, New Comparison Tool

This morning (15th April) Plusnet introduced its new product set with Extra replacing Premium and Market 3 pricing becoming available on Pro. Extra offers 60GB bandwidth compared with Premium's 80GB but prices are reduced to compensate. Expected speeds and traffic prioritisation are identical.

The new product set can be summarised as follows:

Data Speed Quality Price
        Market 1 & 2 Market 3
Value 10GB ADSL 1 *
Good £12.99 £ 6.49
Extra 60GB ADSL2+ Better £17.99 £11.49
Pro 20GB ADSL2+ Best £22.99 £16.49



This is the allowed bandwidth of data (both download and upload) that can be used per month between the hours of 8am and midnight. Overnight all usage is always free on all these products (ie doesn't count against the data allowance).


ADSL 1   = up to 8Mb/s service
ADSL 2+ = up to 20Mb/s service (where available)

* Value now also offers ADSL2+


Being a shared service, this relates to the priority various traffic is given on the network during peak times (browsing, streaming, emails and VoIP will always be "best" on all packages). See below for details of PUG's Comparison Tool which helps to quantify product performance under this heading.

Market areas:

Market areas for each exchange were defined in a statement by Ofcom in May 2008. Some 70% of UK premises fall into low-cost Market 3 areas. Use the Usertools Exchange Checker to find out the Market area your exchange is in.

Comparison Tool

Tables such as that shown above make it relatively easy to choose a product based on data transfer and price but choosing a product based on expected speeds and prioritisation (or quality) is more difficult. To help you select the Plusnet broadband package that best fits headline requirements and your usage pattern, the popular PUG Comparison Tool has been substantially updated to include data for the new product and to widen the range of reported information.

You will find the tool here.

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