Plusnet to offer something Extra

In emails to Value customers concerning forthcoming price changes details emerged of a new product - Plusnet Extra - due to be released next month. From the limited information available we believe this could be a big hit.

For £5 more than the new-customer price of Value (i.e. the same as one extra 5GB block) customers will get:
  • 50GB extra data transfer - i.e. 60GB compared with 10GB (or compared to 15GB on Value with the 5GB block added).
  • Better traffic profile - faster for most services most of the day.
  • Opportunity to be on ADSL2 if their exchange is enabled - Faster line speed*.
    * depending on distance from the exchange.
Clearly it won't be the product for everyone, those where a basic service meets their needs and price is important should stay with Value. However for many we believe an upgrade to Extra could be an attractive option: it is fast; it is affordable; it is generous in size.

It will provide most people with a huge safety margin of extra data so they needn't fear using iPlayer etc to enjoy their favourite shows at a time of their choosing. PUG believe the new product will be a huge success both for current users upgrading, and in also attracting new customers to Plusnet!

Praise where praise is due… Top Marks for Extra.
Article last edited on Sunday, 26-Oct-2014 19:05 PM