Who's Who in the Plusnet UserGroup

So, just who are the people involved with the usergroup? Well, here we are folks... if you want to get to know us a bit more (we don't bite!) then please pop into the UserGroup forums for a chat.


  • aaronbennett
  • bud
  • Colin (csogilvie)
  • dhookham
  • MauriceB
  • nadger
  • NB (northbritish)
  • petervaughan
  • pjmarsh
  • spraxyt
  • Barry Zubel (zubel)

Most UserGroup members use the same name on both PUG and Community forums.  For clarity we've listed here those who use a different name on the Community forums.

MauriceB          Is MauriceC  over on Community.  (A relic of the early days when it refused to accept MauriceB!
NorthBritish     Is Me on Community


The UserGroup is about more than just the names above, we have a close working relationship with many people within Plusnet and are supported by a variety of common faces, and some not so common.

Regular visitors and contributors to the UserGroup include many Plusnet staff members, including Customer Relations Team, Networking, Web/Portal Development and even some of the Directors pop in to see what we're up to!

Note: the list of members is up-to-date; the 'last edited' date below reflects when this text was last changed.

Digital Care changed to Customer Relations Team Oct 2014

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