Useful web links

There are loads of useful websites out there providing hints, tips, support, assistance and more.

Some of these are listed here whilst the more prominent ones are available from the menu on the left.

Community Help and Support Sites
UserTools [] - The UserGroups sister site with Gateway Checker, Exchange Checker tools, Email/RSS Service Status and more.

Community Site   The new combined site for ALL Plusnet; Force9; Metronet and Free-Online users.

ThinkBroadband Forums [] - ADSLGuide is a well respected independant site. Plenty of forums for all kinds of topics.

SamKnows [] - A useful resource site containing news and a similar exchange checker to the one found on Usertools. Also features LLU and Exchange information.

SpeeedTester   The new PlusNet ADSL speedtester.

Web Browsers
Firefox [] - A fast, secure, open-source browser available for Windows, Linux and Mac

Opera [] - Yet another Free web browser that is fast, secure and available for most platforms

SeaMonkey [] - Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing - This software is still in development

Mail/News Clients
Thunderbird [] - A Mail/News client from the same people who make Firefox

News Clients
XNews [] - a free Usenet newsreader for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP:

FTP Clients
FileZilla [] - A free open source FTP client for Windows
WSFTP [] - An established FTP Client for Windows
CuteFTP [] - A very well known and liked FTP Client for Windows
SmartFTP [] - Free for Personal Use. A good, easy to use, FTP Client for Windows

PuTTY - [] - Excellent free Telnet and SSH client

Anti Virus
AVG [] - A popular, free and reliable anti-virus solution

Zone Alarm [] - A well known and widely used firewall. Pro and free versions available
Agnitum Outpost [] -
Tiny [] -

Anti Spyware
Ad-Aware [] - Free for personal use. A good anti-spyware scanner and removal tool.
Spybot S&D [] - Another free tool that can stay in memory and watch for, and block, any suspicious activity

Useful Tools and Diagnostic Sites
CyberKit [] - Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Qotd, NSLookUp, Time Synch and more for Windows

downforeveryoneorjustme   Checks whether a named site is available (or not!)

Blogs / CMS / Wikis
Wordpress [] - A widely used blog tool that is easy to set up and use
Etomite [] - It's what this site is founded upon. A great free CMS with excellent support
Mambo [] - A CMS with loads of functionality and plug-ins
PmWiki [] -
TWiki [] -
phpWiki [] -
TikiWiki [] -

Web Servers and Tools
Apache Web Server [] - The big rival to Microsoft in the Web Server Market. Fast, secure, easy to use but very powerful!
(Windows installation guide:
PHP [] - For dynamic websites (Windows installation guide:
MySQL Database Server [] - Open source, fast, secure database server
(Windows installation guide:
phpMyAdmin Database Manager [] - Useful, powerful, web-based front-end for administering MySQL Server
MyODBC [] - ODBC Connector for MySQL
Java 2 SE [] - Suns Java
Jakarta Tomcat [] - Development language
Apache-Tomcat JK2 Connector [] - Making Tomcat work with Apache
(Windows installation guide:

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