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Author Topic: Emails archived and inaccessible - without warning!  (Read 8735 times)

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« on: March 21, 2018, 10:25:39 pm »

I was surprised to get an "auto email" from Plusnet on 15 March notifying me that my email Inbox was too full and that my emails had been archived, were inaccessible and would be deleted within 30 days unless I contacted Plusnet to request the emails to be "un-archived" so that I could sort through them.

What surprised me was that the email said that Plusnet had already sent me several previous such warnings.  I had received none.....

Since then almost all my attempts to resolve the situation have been frustrated or thwarted:

- I could not reply by email as the warning message was from an automatic system which didn't accept replies;
- I found that in fact there is now no way of emailing PlusNet at all.  The only Help & Support options offered via the Plusnet member centre website are "Chat" or phone;
- but "Chat" was unavailable (!!);
- and the phone helpline offered an automated message that wait-times were over 30 minutes (!!).

I did however persist..... and wait.... and wait...and eventually I did speak to a human being.

That has resulted in a 'ticket' being raised which repeats (or relays) my request to have my own emails unarchived so that I can sort and delete them.  Whether it will explain why I did not get the earlier warning emails remains to be seen.  The help person claimed that their system showed I had been sent two previous warning emails about my Inbox on 1 and 8 March.  I have checked:  neither reached me, and neither was intercpted or blocked as spam.

I then thought I would seek information, advice and help from the Plusnet Community.  Ran into problems with that too - but that's a separate subject deserving of its own thread.
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