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Author Topic: FTTP Trials and Customer Service  (Read 8905 times)

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« on: September 02, 2013, 08:43:10 pm »

As I am now leaving Plusnet after years of reliable service Ė I thought Iíd share my experience and the reasons why.
For 2 years I enjoyed Fibre to the cabinet at my old address and the fantastic speeds and ping times I experienced.  I moved house in May and wanted to move my service.  My new home can only be connected to FTTP - fibre to the house.  Great you may think (as I did), only Plusnet do not offer this service.  I subsequently learned of the FTTP fibre trials and joined on the 16th of May.
I am still waiting to be connected after nearly 4 months and 36 emails.  It seems that Plusnetís relationship and communication with BT Openreach is troubled.  4 missed appointments, delays and constant fobbing off.  Plusnet is basically unable to organise this, so I am cutting my losses and moving. PlusNet just don't tell us what's happening and why.
The other question is:  why FTTP trials when BT offer it already.  What on earth is there to try?  Itís proven technology.
Bye Plusnet, your customer communication is abysmal.
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