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Author Topic: Upgraded ? Didnt expect a new contract !  (Read 9223 times)

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« on: May 10, 2013, 09:51:58 am »


I have been with plusnet for 4 years and before my 18 month contract i was on a rolling monthly system.Worked great until i decided that the 0.3 MB download speed on my standard broadband was driving me crazy and agreed to a 18 moth contract for fibre optic .MISTAKE.

The fibre is ace and has changed my world but the CS has disappeared and being replaced with generic emails and lack of action ,it started when I requested a change to unlimited intenet and daytime calls ,simple request ,NO this ended up with my discount being stripped and no upgrade for three month which in the meantime as I expected my daytime calls to be covered I have been charged over 40 for plus the discount removal.
I explained this and all I get there is no record ,no record ,if that the case why was my discount removed in Feb 2013 ?
All I wanted was a unlimited service with my agreed discount of 8.24 and all I get is "no record" except when they eventually upgrade my internet only (no call plan) they started a new contract <i didn't want a new contract .

I have now requested a cancellation ,but there calculation is from April ,not Oct 2012 - why is it so hard to get a simple action ?

All I get is system says this ,cant do that as its the system ,Im a system engineer and all the data is managed by HUMANS as it should be ,and cant be change as easy as typing this .

Please just help instead of quoting

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« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 01:05:26 pm »

Hi pommiecouple,

Sorry to hear of the above. If you could paste a ticket number into this thread I'll be able to find your account for you and look into this - we'd like to get it sorted for you and find out why things have happened like this in order to improve.


Matt Taylor
Plusnet Support
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