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I am currently using POP3 email for around 7 mailboxes. My domain is hosted with plus, and I am using Exchange 2003.

What changes are required to change to SMTP email?  Is it as simple as specifying SMTP delivery, pointing it to my static IP address, and setting up a finger command on my exchange server?

Do I need to make any DNS configuration changes? (currently no advanced DNS entries created in the PlusNet portal)

Thats basically it,

You'd need to configure exchange to accept smtp .

You'd need to open up port 25 on your firewall / router to forward it to your internal ip of the smtp server (unless your exchange box is on a public ip (which i'd hope it isnt!)

I assume you send all ready via smtp to

Thanks Tam.

I have another connection which i intend to use SMTP mail. However it looks like the domain name will be transferred before the PlusNet ADSL and static IP address will kick in.

Do you know if I will be able to forward SMTP mail to an IP outside of the PlusNet network? This is for incomming mail, i realise that I wont be able to send outgoing mail via the PN mail server until my IP has changed.

As far as I know SMTP mail can only be delivered to a PN IP, specifically the IP assigned to the account the domain is registered/hosted with. It is possible to setup an MX record for the domain  via the DNS configuration for the domain but again you can only specify a PN IP to direct it to.

If you set the mail setting to "Other" rather than SMTP then you can create your own MX records for the domain and give them non-PlusNet IP addresses. You wouldn't be able to use Autoturn though (our backup MX server) so if your mail server goes down then mail may be bounced.


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