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Author Topic: Spam being recieved on Private e-mail addy  (Read 166238 times)

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« Reply #285 on: May 29, 2007, 01:52:47 pm »

I just wish to point out that I have nothing to do with PlusNet or PUG (other than being a F9 customer and occasionally posting here on PUG forums) and therefore my previous comments and opinions are my own, not theirs! Therefore it was ME trotting out those lines that really wind you up... not PN. I'm sure you knew that, but just making sure!

Nah, don't panic, it wasn't a broadside to you either !  Like I said, I understand exactly and generally agree with what you (and everyone else) has said and my original comments were more for amusement value rather than being particularly serious.  But I do think there are issues here. Yes, I would be (and depending on what it is, often am) prepared to pay a little more for good service. Whether that's by using a particular ISP or by buying goods from a local specialist rather than an on-line box-shifter doesn't matter. I don't want to be messed around, I expect things to do what it says on the tin and with minimal hassle if something unforeseen does happen. Needless to say I'm often disappointed even when I do choose to pay above the 'going rate' !

The point I was (sort of) making is that ISPs (and others) really take the p*ss with their marketing hype .vs. the reality of what's actually going to be provided.  Take one ISP who I found earlier offering various packages along with an option for having an SLA.  With the most basic account at around 15 apparently having more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at plus service descriptions that would have you believe that the MD personally checks all is well with your account on a daily basis then gives you a call if you have e-mail and haven't noticed (ok, maybe not *that* good but still sounds way too good for the price !) how much is the SLA option on other packages ?  Almost the same amount as a basic account !!!!

Who do they think they're kidding.  The service clearly can't and almost certainly wont perform as advertised.  It simply can't be anything to write home about if you have to virtually double the price before they will even consider what they actually GUARANTEE rather than what they IMPLY will happen.  It's a complete joke.  Yes, I know the *big* problem is the BT issues but even so, it's still crazy.

Consider this: If each and every one of the ~200K PN subscribers had agreed to pay 10p/month extra last year then the additional income over the year would have paid for new e-mail platform. It would have been commissioned  way before the other one gave up the ghost and without the need for PN taking the 'cheap' option and then skipping it after causing utter chaos by trying to add sufficient string, sellotape or whatever to make it sort of work ... only to find it would never work as anticipated.  Alternatively, think about how many OS or application upgrades would it have paid for ?  Again, not really intended as a rant about PN as such just pertinent examples fresh in everyone's mind.  But need I say more ... and all that for just 10p/user/month extra. An absolute bargain !

Bottom line: A realistic price to provide a realistically described service is what's needed. No marketing BS, smoke, mirrors, crossed fingers, lucky charms, upto's, unlimited's or anything remotely similar required to make it all sound way better that it actually is in practice thank you very much.  Say what it does and is capable of (and mean it by guaranteeing it) as well as maintain it so that barring the VERY OCCASIONAL and UNFORESEEN nightmare, it always performs as expected and customers actually experience what they signed up for.  If it's not achievable and sustainable at the advertised price then don't hype and sell it at that price or if you do, don't come back whining about it and trying to move the goalposts later on because you c**ked it up !! Do your sums and get it right ... or take the hit and then it might just 'encourage' you to get it right next time Wink

I do not believe SLAs or any other compensation type scheme actually helps because companies just don't take them seriously. If/when they do offer them it's either a token gesture that doesn't hurt or a blatant attempt to rip-off a 'concerned' customer. I've long since lost count of the number of times in real life that I've seen a huge contract with quite harsh financial penalty clauses signed despite everyone knowing full well that it's simply not possible to meet the contractual requirements and therefore the penalty clauses will come into play. But it will be argued and maybe negotiated later when it's way too late for either party to back out.  If/when a hit does have to be taken then so be it because the money to cover the penalty will have been added in somewhere so it's no real loss as the customer is paying extra for something to cover it.  Dontcha just love the moral superiority of Sales and Marketing guys rolleyes

The one big drawback with BB in my view is the inability to easily and cheaply have a backup service or provider. In the dial-up past, I have always had 1 or more alternatives available should my PN connection or service fail at any time, some paid-for some free. It obviously doesn't help in all situations but it does (and did on several occasions) help a lot.  It's a great pity that there isn't any realistic way to do this on BB. Apart from providing a backup just in case it also gives the opportunity to 'test drive' an alternative supplier which is ALWAYS a very good thing. I would certainly choose 2 independent providers over any form of SLA scheme that's for sure if it were possible to do this - primarily because it totally removes the "we don't really care because we know the user can't easily and quickly go elsewhere" attitude that I think exists with most if not all providers.

Anyways, sorry for dragging this thread way OT embarassed best be getting back to all that luverly spam that there's no shortage of. I see the latest hot deals appear to be for Adobe something-or-others that enhance your anatomy as well. WOW! I know Photoshop is good for enhancing stuff but even I didn't think it was *that* good  grin
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