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Author Topic: Todays roll out - Slow speeds  (Read 83436 times)

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Not to be confused with Mike, Wildmind.

« Reply #135 on: December 07, 2006, 11:57:43 am »

Nope - I'm pretty sure we ain't done nothing for the Al Wyse file.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of difference?



Ian Wild
PlusNet Support

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« Reply #136 on: December 07, 2006, 12:08:04 pm »

Surely it's down to higher priority for http over ftp?


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« Reply #137 on: December 07, 2006, 12:20:45 pm »

Tests conducted yesterday evening around 21:30 as posted elsewhere

Wyse WMA DL: av 170 kB/s (pretty consistent a few drops to 0 kB/s)

Rapidshare HTTP DL: av 21 kB/s (wildly erratic, 0 - 50 kB/s)

USA HTTP DL: av 145 kB/s (pretty consistent a few drops to 0 kB/s)

PN FTP DL: av 65 kB/s (pretty consistent)

USA FTP DL: av 40 kB/s (erratic, 0 - 100 kB/s)

When I first DL'd the Wyse interview a few days ago, it came down at a consistent maxed out line speed. The first and only DL for a long time to get anywhere close to line speed and most certainly the first DL in a long time to maintain anything close to a consistent speed.  Just about everything else was (and to a certain extent still is) slower and considerable more erratic - some SIGNIFICANTLY worse than others it would appear Wink 

Being hosted on a PN site is obviously a benefit but I must say it did look/feel suspicious that traffic was being 'helped' rather than 'hindered' by traffic management even if it is most likely more coincidence than reality.
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