Say No to 0845 numbers. Yes to Geographical Telephone number

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No to 0845  telephone numbers.

Yes to Geographical telephone numbers.

Most of us are on telephone accounts which provides for free local and national calls or cheap calls.

It now costs 1/2p per minute to call USA.

So it is about time that Plusnet provided a geographical telephone number for customer service.

0845 and 0870 numbers are a rip-off now.

And 090 numbers are a scandal.

Customers are incurring huge telephone charges for these calls.

So we need a change ASAP.

Here is a useful link :

If as a customer you agree please say  " Yes Please "



I think that most customers will agree with you, and its something that PUG have been asking for for a long time.
At one point we were hopeful, but the new phone system seems to have scuppered that idea. :(

By all means Im quite happy for this to raise its head again for review.

I would like to see a Plustalk number assigned to the CSC too so that you can call free via VOiP.


I'd support the use of VoIP to get access to the CSC - but not via PlusTalk?


Okay guys... I've got some answers as to why we don't actually employ geographical numbers at the moment.

One factor here is that our telephone system is based in London and managed by BT.  Internal DDI numbers to staff members here are all 0870 numbers.  We don't have 0114 number ranges to point at it.

We're in the middle of moving buildings at the moment and the building move has been on the horizon for a long time.  Non-Geographical numbers are a lot easier to move with us.

It's no secret that our support team are very busy at the moment.  It doesn't make sense as a business for us to be advertising a geographical number to allow customers to contact us as it encourages people to call the CSC instead of looking on our website or raising a ticket.  We've got a self-service model and we'd rather allocate resources to automating processes allowing customers full control of their own account rather than having to contact us for minor issues.

When we're back on top of things, however, and the wait times and ticket levels are back to where we want them; plenty of ideas are being considered for contacting support if you really need to, including live-chat support, VoIP number support and geographical numbers.

I hope this goes some way to explaining why we don't have this as a top priority right now.



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