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Author Topic: Webstats  (Read 16907 times)

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« Reply #15 on: May 16, 2006, 05:55:58 am »

I agree with Ian, MacHosting do some great packages, starting from:

500Mb disk space
7.5Gb Monthly bandwidth
500 email accounts
Unlimited sub-domains
25 per year 


3Gb disk space
30Gb Monthly bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited sub-domains   
90 per year

And Colin is a very helpful bloke also...

AKA theattic on the other place.

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« Reply #16 on: May 16, 2006, 07:34:34 pm »

You might also want to have alook here:
I have a site or 2 hosted here and have had no problems - so far!!

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« Reply #17 on: May 17, 2006, 02:30:38 am »

Douglas - as the pressure is off, then worth getting yourself a domain name anyway, and setting the DNS to use the Plus.Net servers, and them to host it for you (which will work to display the same pages as your current www.dgdclynx.plus.com pages).  Then you can start making links point to "domain-name/page-name" entries, and you'll find the search engines later start referencing the domain-name/page-name entries (probably in addition to the existing links).

It's easy enough to buy a .com .org or .info for as little as $2.95 (and I've paid $0.60 for .info and even had loads registered for free in 2004/2005, when there were firms allowing up to 50 domain registrations at no cost). 

See iPowerWeb.com ($2.95 for first year) and RegisterFly.com (the latter has deals for cheap registrations, cheap transfer costs, etc)...    With .com/info/org/net a transfer from one firm to another will add a year to the expiry date...  One or two of my domains expire after 2011.

Can understand that getting the domain through Plus.Net is costly (hope their subsidiary Just-The-Name will be able to make the charges come down a lot), but even JTN is far from cheapest - ukreg.com and 123-reg.co.uk are firms I've used in the past for *.uk, though I now use US-based services much more.  I've moved away from using *.uk wherever possible because I don't like the Nominet burocracy (where a change of owner's name costs money to process, and on other aspects, and their dumb 2 years cycle for validity/renewals).

On hosting, I've just found a deal on Ebay costing $29.99/year giving 1 GB storage and 10 GB/month (like PN's 250 MB/day) but the one I found was a reseller package so can have as many domains hosted as I want, and split the space/traffic between them.
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