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Author Topic: UserGroup / UserTools server migration  (Read 1169 times)

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« on: October 02, 2014, 11:32:04 am »

Well!  Things went largely to plan and the service migrated to the new platform on the 25th Sept smiley

There were a few problems which needed attention and a few still to be fully resolved. Luckily many of these issues were odd files and support programs that had not been transferred.  The trickier problems appear to be PHP errors 'popping up' with the change of Compiler to 5.3. 

So what were are these problems:

  • On UserTools the Major Service Outage page was not updating. 
  • The PUGIT 'Issue Tracker' failed to display the list of 'Open' items on its Home page
  • An anomaly in the 'Recent posts' facility where there are a variable No. of posts per page
Current Status

Major Service Outage page.  This service is now 'live' though a few days processing was lost

PUGIT  Investigation identified a number of 'unwanted features' in a number of areas, the major problem being a failure to display a list of Open items on the Home page.  Clearing the coding problems will take a few days yet, but there is a Temporary fix in place to show and allow User interaction. The filter function is NOT currently working, so be aware.

Recent posts  Not much work done on this potential problem so far, but possibly an anomaly in the way SMF treats posts from the 'private' section of the forum and therefore not visible to most Users. 

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