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Author Topic: Prioritising Traffic  (Read 2997 times)

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« on: October 20, 2013, 01:52:56 pm »

We have a tricky problem.

We have a lodger who has fallen in love with someone in Australia and wants to remain connected her using Viber internet 'phone almost continuously. He falls asleep still connected; we hear him talking in the middle of the night; and at other times my husband will be trying to catch up on a television programme he's missed and suddenly the quality goes and we know our lodger has connected again. His quality of service is so good that he even managed to continue talking a few seconds after I'd disconnected the base station one day. No, I can't explain that either - he checked he wasn't on one of our neighbours' networks and found he was indeed using ours! We quite often ask him if he's noticed how bad the service is and his answer is always no. His service seems to be at peak quality 24/7.

I understand that there is a kind of rule that prioritises different kinds of wi-fi traffic and in our house it needs altering. We don't want to upset our lodger - he's a relative and has all kinds of emotional hang-ups that could cause repercussions right round our wider family if we gave him too much grief - but at the same time it seems most unfair that he gets the cream of our wi-fi connection and we have to put up with what's becoming a lousy service. no Is there any way of changing the preferences so that it gets our websites and movies and everything else FIRST and Viber gets put at the bottom of the pile or even limited as to hours? Or maybe to take his IP address and put it to the lowest priority? Is there anything we can stealthily do without causing a big family row?

We have one ADSL connection running into a Billion Bipac Ethernet Modem, going into two Apple Base Stations, one version 2 and the other version 5. So effectively we have three networks, a 5GHz one and two 2.5 GHz ones (set up because they seemed to be so unreliable). However these are all feeding off only one ADSL line. Our lodger can only access the older v2 network with his iPhone 4s, as can our daughter with her Android 'phone. For some reason my 3GS iPhone can access both slow networks. We also have four Macbook Pros and two iPads; the lodger only has his iPhone.

Suggestions would be very welcome!

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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 01:57:32 pm »

I think you'd be far better posing this question on the Plusnet Community forums as there are far more people on there.

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« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 11:21:19 pm »

You don't mention what model of Billion router you have but if it's something like the 7800n then it should be quite possible.

There are two possible ways to do it.  Firstly from a quick read at the instruction manual for that router there is a QoS option built into the router.  If it has VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) options try them first and rate limit the VOIP speed.

If that doesn't solve it then it may not be getting classed as a VOIP connection.  In that case you could rate limit his entire connection.  If that router is acting as a DHCP server issuing internal IP addresses to whatever connects to your network then it should be possible to give a static IP address to your lodger.  Log into the router when you know he's online and identify his connection in the list and note down his MAC address.  Then go into the screen that lets you set a fixed IP address and set that MAC address up with a fixed IP address.  Then simply go back to the QoS screen and rate limit everything using that IP address.

If you wanted to be sneaky about it, you could start by applying only a small amount of limitation, gradually increasing it over time, that way he'd be less likley to suspect foul play. wink
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