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Author Topic: Upgrade blues  (Read 2502 times)

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« on: May 18, 2010, 08:01:02 pm »

Could someone have a gander at question 33382803 - my line was changed to 21CN on Friday since when my throughput speed is firmly stuck around 1940. My line speed is showing 6880 (Consistently) but my IP Profile seems to be stuck at 2000.
There was a response to the question this morning passing the buck to another dept since when nothing? It would be nice if someone could update me that the matter is in hand? I thought that maybe it was due to the change from BRAS to DLM but have received no advice or information on this and whether or not I need to do anything to assist the transition.
Plusnet Staff

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« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2010, 12:06:54 pm »

Firstly, you're still on ADSL1 not ADSL2+ The order to move you across hasn't completed yet.

Regarding your IP profile, I'm not convinced that you've been consistently synchronised at 6880kbps?

Take a look at the attached DLM data that shows the fluctuations to your IP profile and the sync event that caused each one.

Looking at your RADIUS logs, these disconnections on the 15th and 18th May don't look great either.

11:31 20/May/2010 N/A  0:30:0 (on going)
22:32 19/May/2010 11:31 20/May/2010  12:59:14
18:35 19/May/2010 22:32 19/May/2010  3:56:54
18:28 19/May/2010 18:34 19/May/2010  0:6:8
11:56 19/May/2010 18:24 19/May/2010  6:28:7
02:02 19/May/2010 11:56 19/May/2010  9:54:31
21:02 18/May/2010 02:01 19/May/2010  4:59:26
08:36 18/May/2010 21:02 18/May/2010  12:25:51
08:35 18/May/2010 08:36 18/May/2010  0:0:42
08:33 18/May/2010 08:35 18/May/2010  0:1:53
08:33 18/May/2010 08:33 18/May/2010  0:0:29
08:14 18/May/2010 08:33 18/May/2010  0:18:23
08:12 18/May/2010 08:13 18/May/2010  0:1:5
02:58 18/May/2010 08:12 18/May/2010  5:14:1
18:17 17/May/2010 02:58 18/May/2010  8:41:21
00:48 16/May/2010 18:12 17/May/2010 One Day, 17:24:4
21:18 15/May/2010 00:48 16/May/2010  3:29:22
18:29 15/May/2010 21:18 15/May/2010  2:49:38
18:25 15/May/2010 18:28 15/May/2010  0:3:34
18:21 15/May/2010 18:25 15/May/2010  0:3:58
18:20 15/May/2010 18:20 15/May/2010  0:0:29
18:18 15/May/2010 18:19 15/May/2010  0:0:52
18:10 15/May/2010 18:18 15/May/2010  0:7:38
22:26 14/May/2010 18:10 15/May/2010  19:44:11


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« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2010, 08:58:00 pm »

Hi Bob,
Sorry but the delayed response caused me to to move to the consumer forum. Prior to the 15th my connection has been faultless - my IP profile rarely dropped below 5000 for years (and I mean years) a service notice was raised on my tickets advising a 21CN upgrade to complete on 15th (the day my troubles began) I was in the process of upgrading to Extra from Value and assumed the 21CN change was part of this - I know gather the regrade didn't complete on the 15th but I am convinced something did happen to degrade my line (as if someone has pulled a plug and not put it back properly). The only changes my end is that I have updated my ageing 3com router to a more up to date Thomson supplied last week by yourselves and have moved this to my I-plated master socket in an effort to raise my profile. Mand noted some sporadic drops on my line particularly this morning (whilst I was at work). I have supplied stats to allow her to raise a fault but I guess this is not going to happen until tomorrow.
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