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Author Topic: Spill the beans someone, please (on new account pricing from 12/04/2010)  (Read 5369 times)

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« on: March 10, 2010, 04:33:37 pm »

Have seen a couple of threads about new pricing coming into force, and while I may just be in time (if someone gets my line activated any day soon!) to have the lower price for a year, it'd be quite handy to know the new prices for the products  Value, Extra, and Pro from 12/04 please.

It's no longer 'secret' but when I see 'x.xx more than you pay' it only makes sense for people already on some specific product.  I am interested, partly because some people have certainly joined PN after seeing website banners of mine, and I would prefer to know new prices beforehand, in case of questions (I also think it only fair to warn potential customers if they will be unable to get the Premium account traffic quota)...

Apart from 80 GB being lowered to 60 GB, are there any other differences between Premium and Extra, please, someone {, anyone} ?

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« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2010, 05:08:00 pm »

Value is currently 5.99 Market3 or 11.99 Market 1 & 2.
Rising to 6.49 and 12.99 respectively.

Quote from Mand:
"Extra will cost 11.49 on Market 3. On Market 1 and 2 it'll be 11.49 for 3 months, and 17.99 as the ongoing price."

I'm not sure on premium...

Pro is currently 19.99 in all Markets.
Will be dropping to 16.49 Market 3 and increasing to Huh in Market 1 & 2

....maybe someone else can fill the gaps.


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« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2010, 02:28:23 am »

From reading a few posts here and there, this is how I think the situation looks:

Account Traffic Current Prices |  New Prices from 2010.04.12
Name Quota ....Introductory ... Market 3Market 1+2 | Market 3 ...Market 1+2
price |
Value 10 GB 5.99 5.99 11.99 | 5.99 11.99 existing
| 6.49 12.99 new users
Extra 60 GB | 11.49 17.99 new account
Premium 80 GB 11.99 15.99 19.99 | 15.99 19.99 legacy
Pro 20 GB 19.99 19.99 19.99 | 16.49 19.99 existing
| 16.49 22.99 new users

I'm guessing that the Premium account prices don't change after a year, but for the other accounts, the 'new users' price becomes the norm for all in a year.

Perhaps someone from PlusNet can clarify whether the prices for Premium users are expected to stay the same "forever" (won't hold you to it, but for 3 years at least, if that is more realistic!)
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« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2010, 04:16:11 am »

I went away and did the same, and came up with this which I posted over on Community, I think we tally up...

MARKET 1 & 2
Product    Data    Speed    Quality   Current PriceNew Price
Value10GBADSL 1Good11.9912.99
Extra60GBADSL 2Bettern/a17.99
Premium80GBADSL 2Better19.9919.99 (but no longer for sale)
Pro20GBADSL 2Best19.9922.99

Product    Data    Speed    Quality   Current PriceNew Price
Value10GBADSL 1Good5.996.49
Extra60GBADSL 2Bettern/a11.49
Premium80GBADSL 2Better15.9915.99 (but no longer for sale)
Pro20GBADSL 2Best19.9916.49 #


This is the allowed bandwidth of data that can be used per month between the hours of 8am and midnight. Overnight all usage is always free on all these products (eg doesn't use up the data allowance).

ADSL 1 = up to 8Mb/s service
ADSL 2 = up to 20Mb/s service (where the exchange is upgraded for this) and up to 8Mb/s elsewhere.

Being a shared service, this relates to the priority various traffic is given on the network during peak times (note simple browsing and emails etc will always be "best" on all packages).
I'm not totally happy with the over-simplification of the labels "good, better & best", but it gives a vague idea of relative quality ratings of the traffic shaping.
(if anyone has a better idea for labelling them, let me know!)

Old Prices:
These are the current prices, and will remain in force for existing customers for the next 12 months. ( # exception being PRO in Market 3, where the customers will pay the new lower price of 16.49 from next month)

New Prices:
These are the prices that new customers will pay from April 12th and existing customers will pay in a year's time.

This is my interpretation of the info in this thread that I have gathered into one place, not Plusnet's own marketing bumf...
I accept no responsibility for inaccuracies! It is your responsibility to check all this info with Plusnet, and make your own product choices having researched your needs.

If you spot anything wrong, let me know and I'll edit the post.

Hope this helps...

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« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2010, 04:47:24 am »

Shame we duplicated the effort and both spent so long compiling similar info... !!!

To answer your questions...

Plusnet never tend to touch old products when they become legacy... eg no data allowance tweaks, feature tweaks or price tweaks. Since normally there is a downward trend in pricing, newer packages tend to be better value over time, so people are more likely to be tempted to "upgrade" in due course... eg I didn't like any of the products in this last year, so I'm still on a 2008 product (Option2 15GB for 15), but I might change now since both Extra or Pro in Market3 will be a massive improvement over my current product!

I also saw intro pricing for Extra somewhere in a post by Mand but didn't include it my tables above, but I think Extra is 11.49 intro for all markets, rising to 17.99 in Market 1 & 2.

Given that, I would guess from previous years, that Value will also have intro pricing of 6.49 rising to 12.99 in M1&2 (but this will need checking with Plusnet as it is purely a guess!).

Not sure about Pro, since they didn't have Intro pricing before, but they now have split price points for M3 and M1&2 so may or may not follow the pattern of the other two products...

But good work on finding all the info...

And welcome back...

« Last Edit: March 11, 2010, 04:49:54 am by xpcomputers »

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« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2010, 08:43:14 am »

Thanks Mike for the welcome - almost cancelled the ticket for the upgrade but then thought twice - I cannot request the 'Extra' account for a month and would really like to switch bank to landline now mobile contract nearing end...  So will be 'stuck' on Premium, while Extra would be closer to my needs.

Now just need to find out if PN still charges for downgrading...  can understand 'during' minimum contract period but not after that.  Just trying to check on my ticket and seems 'my questions' is still inaccessible (has been for an hour and a half, at first I assumed the firewall work messed it up).
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« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2010, 11:00:33 am »

Try a CTRL + F5 (forced refresh) of the page in case it is now unstuck, but your browser has cached it (shouldn't have done, but worth checking).

I know of no downgrade fee these days. And I think you can change products as often as you like (within reason) up and down, even in your first year. If you live in Market 1 & 2, then the intro pricing should change with you for the 2nd & 3rd month as well (again, as I understand it).

Month 1 - Premium Intro 15.99
Month 2 - Extra Intro   11.49
Month 3 - Extra Intro   11.49
Month 4 - Extra M1&2    17.99

The only thing to watch out for is the billing might mess it up slightly, in which case Plusnet will sort it out, but they've had problems with Intro prices and product changes sometime messing up the charges taken. They've cracked a lot of them, but worth checking your bill for the first few months to be sure.

As I say, this is my understanding, others might know differently and be able to give a definitive reply.


Steve Graham

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« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2010, 12:40:05 pm »

What's the definition of "Market 1 & 2" and "Market 3".

I'm currently paying 5.99 for Plusnet Value, and have just received a nice e-mail from Plusnet telling me the good news that my monthly charge will be 'held' at 11.99 instead of 12.99  cry
XPC exiled in NZ

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« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2010, 01:17:07 pm »

How long have you been with Plusnet? (less than 3 months, or longer?)

During the signup process you should have been told which exchange type you are in, and given a monthly price by Plusnet. All Value customers pay 5.99 for the first three months in all exchanges. Then in Market 3 it remains at that price from month 4 onwards too, whereas in Market 1 & 2 the price would then rise 11.99 for month 4 onwards.

Put your phone number in here:
and it will tell you which exchange market you are in, which will then help you determine your ongoing prices (from our tables above!).

The "Market" types are official definitions depending on how competitive they are (how many suppliers, and how many phone lines). OFCOM used to stop BTwholesale from being too competitive in any exchange, as an anti-monopoly type restriction to encourage other suppliers to invest. However, since the most highly competed exchanges no longer need this "help", OFCOM have allowed BTwholesale to drop their prices in Market 3 exchanges, so Plusnet can pass that saving on to the end user in these locations. Unfortunately, BTwholesale can't drop their prices in Markets 1 & 2 though, so that is why they cost more.

If you post your exchange market number, and how long you've been here, we'll try to work out what you should be paying, to see if you got the right email.

Any questions then come back to us....

Steve Graham

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« Reply #9 on: March 11, 2010, 04:29:29 pm »

Ah, thanks for explaining. I've been a Plusnet customer for many years, but switched from a legacy product 3 months ago, and I'd totally missed the fact that 5.99 was just an introductory price.

I wasn't aware of the wholesale pricing situation having changed. (I am on a small rural exchange in 'Market 1'.) A lot has happened since I stopped working for BT. (A year before I left, bom-bom.)
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