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Author Topic: Issue 1 of Business Plus - The PlusNet Business Newsletter  (Read 8546 times)

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Comms Team

« on: August 03, 2007, 11:59:51 am »

Hey guys,

Yesterday and today we have sent the following newsletter to all Business Customers who are opted into receiving email communications from us.

Dear Customer Name,

Welcome to the first issue of Business Plus, our newsletter exclusively for business customers.

We’re delighted to say that there’s some great news for our first newsletter – our newly launched business support team has been a great success, with average call waiting time of just 23 seconds! Read on to find out more about the business support team, improvements to our email service and how you can get free broadband.

Carol Axe
Director of Customer Services

1 – Quality business products with dedicated UK-based support
2 – Want to do more than just connect to the Internet?
3 - Improvements to Email Services
4 – It pays to refer with PlusNet
5 – Coming soon…..

Quality business products with dedicated UK-based support

At PlusNet we pride ourselves on award-winning support and products. Our business customers receive professional business support from our UK-based, dedicated Business Support Team, which allows you to concentrate on running your business.

You get a prioritised service with quick response times to both phone calls and online queries. With an average call waiting time of only 23 seconds and with 95% of calls answered within a minute, you know that you can get hold of us quickly and easily whatever the issue.

Our support centre is available 24/7 with a team of specialist agents working core business hours (8am-8pm Mon-Sat) to provide the best service levels when you'll need them most. We’ve even launched a geographic support number to make contacting us even cheaper - 0114 296 5182 or 0845 002 0170.

For further information about our business support services have a look here:


Want to do more than just connect to the Internet?

From talking to our business customers we have learnt that not everybody is aware of the additional features that are included with our latest business packages. They come with some great extras, including security features, webspace, VoIP calls and more:

Included Features

- Unlimited email addresses
- Webspace for your site
- Static IPs
- Up to 2 included .co.uk domains
- VPN compatibility
- VoIP (Broadband Phone) Calls
- Broadband Firewall
- Fax-2-Email
- Email anti-virus and anti-spam
- Advanced web tools – Frontpage, CGI and mySQL

Full details here http://www.plus.net/business/

Improvements to Email Services


Over the last couple of months we’ve been making various improvements to our email systems to vastly reduce the amount of spam that you receive. Our ‘Manage my Mail’ tool now allows you greater flexibility and control over your email settings and allows you to more effectively control the amount of spam that you are receiving. Read about how you can reduce spam here: http://community.plus.net/comms/2007/07/17/using-the-manage-my-mail-tool/

MX at.last

If you have your own mail server you can now remove the secondary MX record from domains hosted on your account. This functionality has been requested by customers regularly, so we’re delighted to announce the changes – find out more on our Community site: http://community.plus.net/comms/2007/07/30/at-mxlast/

It pays to refer with PlusNet

It pays to recommend PlusNet.  For every broadband customer that signs up with us under your recommendation, we’ll give you a monthly payment. In fact, we even have some customers that are making a profit each month! There is no limit to the amount of people that you can refer or how much money you can earn.

You can also earn a one-off cash bonus of up to £25 for each and every person that you introduce to PlusNet with our summer referrals promotion! Read more about the promotion and our referrals scheme here: http://www.plus.net/referrals/offer.shtml

Coming soon…..

In the next few weeks we will launch Enhanced Care, which will provide additional peace of mind and a Service Level Agreement in the event of a broadband fault. We will also offer improvements to our domain email handling and offer SMTP authentication, making email delivery for sales and other field staff much simpler. Further details regarding these developments will be announced as soon as they are available.

More updates in the next newsletter.  In the meantime, come and join us at http://usergroup.plus.net/ where we have a dedicated Business Users forum…

Want to talk to us about anything in this newsletter?  Then visit our Discussion Forums (http://community.plus.net/forum/index.php)

This newsletter has been sent to you as a valued customer of PlusNet. If you would like to change your preferences for the electronic communication you receive from us, please click here (http://www.plus.net/my.html?action=modifyMailOptions ). Please note that by changing your preferences, you will no longer receive other promotional communications from PlusNet, including free gifts, details of competitions and information about new products and services.

PlusNet PLC
Registered Office: Internet House, 2 Tenter Street, Sheffield, S1 4BY Registered in England no: 3279013

Liam Martin
PlusNet Comms Team
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2009, 10:45:01 am »

Looks like there hasn't been a second newsletter ?.

Any thoughts of resurrecting this now that the business refresh is here ?.

Afer all business users have different needs to home users .

Just a thought ?
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2009, 05:10:16 pm »

Oh well - just an idea  wink
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