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Author Topic: Is Broadband Phone fit for (business) purpose?  (Read 4993 times)

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« on: May 25, 2007, 05:57:48 pm »

I've been trying to use Broadband Phone as my business line for the last few months but with some major problems:

- Disconnection of incoming calls to my 0845 number
- Non-availability of service from time to time
- Complaints from callers about tinny/echoey quality
- Not receiving email notification of VM
- 'Cannot connect your call' message when outbound calls are diverted to mobile VM

Plus there are a few niggles that would make it easier to live with:

- Why can't call costs be rolled into the monthly invoice for biz customers so I don't run out of credit during important calls to clients?
- Couldn't the X-Lite client be better integrated with the service e.g. access to VM from the client

And finally - why isn't there a SIP contact no. for the support team? If its that good a service why don't PN use it themselves or am I answering my own question here smiley

I've had to write and complain in the past and it does seem more reliable now but its a shame that its only 80% of a good service. Anyone else share the same frustrations?


Plusnet Staff

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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2007, 10:20:50 pm »

It frustrates me.  angry 

I worked on the original project and I want it to work well.  This is prominent issue within the business atm. I'll kick Ian (or a comms guys) to firms up what plans we have for here.

Kelly Dorset
Head of Products and Digital Care
Plusnet Plc.

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« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2007, 10:31:50 pm »

I have never used the PN VoIP service, but X-Lite is a freebie (AFAIK - I did pay to register a version of it some time ago, which allowed multiple networks to be configured) and not specific to any particular service, so I doubt whether there's an easy way to tie it into PN VM.

As for using SIP to contact staff, it certainly has been suggested before, though I cannot pin down where (PN forum, newsgroup, or PUG forum, or the "other place", I cannot be sure), or when, but was suggested.   

Access using SIP should probably have been incorporated into the spec for any phone service updates so it would fit into the queue management (rather than be bottom or top in priority compared against landline calls).

If I was going down the VoIP route, I'd probably use one of the ATA units and plug in my normal DECT phone, so calls in or out would work without needing to be near a specific PC (I have at least a dozen dotted around on two floors, and might want to answer a call wherever I was in the house, whether tinkering with a PC in the garage, on the iMac in the lounge, or some linux box in the workshop Smiley

With ADSL as it is (unpredictable speeds, possible downtime, limited guarantees on repairs) compared with having TotalCare on a BT Phone line, and being able to make calls at very low cost (5p for an hour, to a UK landline, any time of day, using 1899.com, and ~6p/min to mobiles using call-through services - ie dial an 0871 number, then key in the number of the mobile), I would suggest that boring old POTS still has a lot of life in it compared with new-fangled VoIP Smiley   

As you might guess, I have not gone over to using VoIP apart from experimentally, though have a few different {free} accounts (from Sipgate.co.uk, and others)
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