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Author Topic: weash up on ticket no 19888408  (Read 1749 times)

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« on: September 28, 2006, 06:28:55 am »

On 8 sept I closed ticket no 19888408 after a hugely protracted correspondence on the subject of slow download speeds. Very briefly after going to maxdsl up to 8mb I was getting speeds of 300 - 600 kbits/sec routinely. I closed that ticket very frustrated with Plusnet and their inability to resolve the problem they said BT was at fault BT said nothing was wrong with my line result stalemate and lousy download speeds.

2 days ago I reported my phone line to BT because of noise on it that evening I came home to find my line totally dead - 24 hours later my line suddenly became live again with no noise on it. On checking my download speeds I am now getting speeds of 2300 kbits/sec regularly. Still a long way from 8MB but a darn sight better than 300-600. It seems therefore that in this case Plusnet has not been at fault; I still criticise their lousy comms on any vehicle except this forum but I feel it only right to acknowledge that the line they took with me on ticket 19888408 has been substantiated by the events of the last few days. 
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