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Author Topic: MAXDSL Regrades  (Read 2480 times)

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« on: June 11, 2006, 01:34:24 pm »

I have posted on the main PN Forum enquiring about the status of re-grades and the "jump the que tool"

To be honest i have got very frustrated and annoyed by the whole process.

I make computers as a hobby and often when i am doing so people ask me about setting up broadband for them etc.

I find it very annoying when
1) you have to at times argue with CS about a referal made
2) fight to get discount
3) see new referals that you have made on MAXDSL before you

In relation to a simple question when?? have got the reply from PN staff that it is along a piece of string.

That helps no one and gets people more frustrated, leading to more slagging, leading to more customer dissatisfation = less customers

Could a comunication not be made to PN members on the jump the que line to let them know the rough status of their tickets
Maybe one of the areas where customers have been let down is in simple comunication,
how long does it take to send out an e-mail informing people of problems before they resort to flaming PN on the forums, tickets etc.

Informing customers of what is happening should also have a benifital side, less complaints, less slagging, less tickets, more happy customers = more profit


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