PlusNet Usergroup Site Copyright

The PlusNet UserGroup website is the collaborative work of a group of unpaid users of the PlusNet family of ISPs.

The news articles, reports, support documents and other pages that we have published on this site are The PlusNet UserGroup and should not be reproduced without the permission of the PlusNet UserGroup.

If you wish to highlight any of our pages on a website or via any other media please use only a short portion of the article and then provide a link to the full article on this website.

If you wish to reproduce full articles, or to check on this policy, then please use the Contact Us form to raise your query and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Please note - we are independant of PlusNet plc and as such our views, comments and articles may not reflect official PlusNet policies or views.


Article last edited on Sunday, 21-May-2006 17:08 PM