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PUG Stats part 2

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Current Pugit Items

Colour KEY
Due over 2 weeks ago!
Due up to 2 weeks ago!
Due in the next 4 weeks
Due more than 4 weeks hence
Response dueStatusIDSummaryVote Count
13-10-2007Accepted - Please Vote173Implement SPF (Sender Policy Framework)61
23-11-2007Accepted - Please Vote41Second Broadband Line on Same Account14
21-12-2007Accepted - Please Vote314Proposal to change Postmaster Mailbox functionality21
25-01-2008Open203Change SMTP mail to require Username/password34
16-04-2008Accepted - Please Vote321Multi-option opt-in/outs17 should send bounce mails on failure13
17-05-2008Open342More Flexible Communication Email Options12
30-05-2008Open419Add the ability to delete credit card details12
12-06-2008Open423Show mailbox read/unread email count in MMM4
19-06-2008Open425Password verification box for new mailboxes in the MMM tool9
04-07-2008Accepted - Please Vote27PDF Invoice Sent by Email51
04-07-2008Accepted - Please Vote422Website Accessibility Compliance6
03-10-2008Open426Accept Updated CC Details Ahead of Validity Date14
13-03-2009Accepted - Please Vote116Default rDNS format - NOT
27-03-2009Accepted - Please Vote328More friendly cnames11
24-06-2009Open438Extend the available options on the Broadband firewall 4
18-09-2009Accepted - Please Vote295Hosted Domain Names - Increased Email Options35
28-11-2009Accepted - Please Vote13Reduce the cost of Domain Names37
15-07-2011Open424Incorrect reporting of Successfully Updated Spam Settings4
29-07-2011Retest Failed281Broadband firewall causing promblem with time sync16
30-10-2014Accepted - Please Vote312Insecure protocols24
30-10-2014Open414Home Phone - Bill Pro-rata and First Full Period Separately10
31-10-2014Open439EU Visability of Line Stability36
11-11-2014Open442PUGIT NEW Item confirmation Email4
21-11-2014Pending Closure385Single Annual Broadband Payment17
28-11-2014Accepted - Please Vote109RDNS Management Tool30
28-11-2014Open323Illogical vote references3
28-11-2014Open334Voter table should be sorted on either UserName or Date3
28-11-2014Open339R-DNS record houskeeping not being performed adequately7
30-11-2014Open126Ticket System and Attributing things14
31-12-2014Accepted - Please Vote68Service Status revamp12
31-12-2014Accepted - Please Vote257Variable voting on PUGIT Issues22
31-12-2014Accepted - Please Vote387Automatically provide call forwarding on faulty lines13
30-01-2015Open411Mybroadbandspeed Display Additional Information22
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