Referrals process changes

Article posted by mauriceb on Sunday, 28-Oct-2007 11:28 AM

There has been much debate in the PUG and Community forums with reference to the many problems in the PlusNet referrals processes. Mark Kelly as referrals Manager is keen to see improvements to encourage even more Users to take advantage of the referrals bounty and hints have been dropped that work is going on 'behind the scenes' to deliver a significantly enhanced experience for Users.

PUG has recently seen details of the work and can report that 'things look good'.  Most of the issues identified in PUGIT 234, 262 and in the forums have been addressed and we believe that Users will be pleased with the outcome. 

Even better, the development will be phased, so some of the changes may arrive very soon. 

More news on timescales and the details when we get it.

Watch this space!
Article last edited on Monday, 21-Jan-2008 21:00 PM