PUG recruiting 2008

It is now nine months since PUG began its revival by reviewing and updating its Rules of Association and recruiting a number of new members.  Much has gone on behind the scenes in getting people up to speed and building bridges with the Community mods but, as with all good intentions, things never move as fast as we would like. no

One area that has not had the attention it deserves is our News page (this one) where the flow of new articles has, sadly, been limited. Could you help us in this area? The requirement is more for someone with the ability to source and write the articles - raw technical skills will be an asset, but not a necessity! We are not expecting anyone to commit vast amounts of time, but preferably a reasonably regular slot to help us keep the News page up to date and fresh.

Interested or want more details, or even better, want to volunteer? Don't have journalistic skills but feel you could help in other areas (not necessarily technical) - don't be put off. In either case please visit this topic "New members wanted" in The PUG Place forum or send a PM (Private Message) to MauriceB with some details of what you can offer PUG and we'll be in touch.

Maurice (PUG Chairperson)
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