PUG sites get a new coat of paint

Back in June PUG members were invited to a preview of the changes Plusnet were planning to their 'branding' and 'tone of voice'.  We were taken on a quick journey explaining the What's and Why's behind the changes and then into a more detailed view of the final options before being asked the $64000 question - "Which one?"

Of course the question was rhetorical in that the Plusnet team had already arrived at their answer, but the relief when the PUG team came up with same one, and for broadly the same reasons, was obvious.  Was it an easy choice?  Well ultimately it was as more of the 'bits' and options were put into context using mock-ups of potential communication, publicity and sales material.

So, to follow the lead of Plusnet in giving their Main site and Community forums a makeover - PUG is pleased to have produced its own take on the new colour schemes on the UserGroup site, the Forums and UserTools.

There may still be a few 'inconsistencies' to be ironed out.  Help us identify them by posting in The PUG Place forum.
Article last edited on Thursday, 23-Jul-2009 00:59 AM