PUG revitalised

Article posted by mauriceb on Sunday, 03-Feb-2008 22:05 PM

PUG has recently suffered a period of contraction where a number of members have moved on to other things leaving the dwindling number of active PUG members a bit stretched.  We have recognised that we need to move on, recruit some new blood into the group and restore the previous vigour that was evident in identifying issues and seeking good resolution from PlusNet.

We have made a start on revising the old (and much maligned) Constitution to reflect the way that PUG should be operating and then updating the PUG FAQ page on the Portal.  Final ratification of the changes will occur once the new members have had a chance to make their views known.

Initially we will be inviting a number of well known 'faces' from PUG and Community forums to be co-opted into PUG with a view to holding elections for additional members later in Q1 2008.  We see the group expanding to around 20 members by the end of Q1 / 2 and then to review what next steps we need to take.

Some Agenda items we see as core:

  Closer links to the Community
  Single sign-on between PUG and the Community
  A review of PUGIT and the new Community Ideas development
  Should the PUG site remain independent

Expect debates to open up on these and other topics in the PUG Forums soon.
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