PUG-PlusNet Meeting January 2008

On Friday 18th five members of the PlusNet UserGroup (PUG) visited PlusNet Towers in Sheffield with two major objectives:

  • To review and discuss the activities of last year and the challenges facing both PlusNet and the UserGroup in 2008.
  • To get an update on PlusNet's plans for 2008

And of course a third objective - to socialise with some old friends (and make some new ones) within PlusNet.

See some references in the End Of Day Report for Friday

PlusNet is growing rapidly and so are the demands of their Customers; the combined Community forums are more active than the old Portal forums ever were, so inevitably PUG will need to change to rise to these challenges.  More details will be published once PUG has had the opportunity to reflect and put some firm plans together.

Some of the PlusNet plans, perhaps encouragingly in draft form and still open to change, look quite exciting for Customers (Users, Referrers and Resellers).  The 2008 road map should be published soon for the confirmed details.
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